Afforestation and Crowdfunding

Afforestation is the process of planting trees in order to save biodiversity and retain ecological balances. Afforestation is critical to saving the environment and to battling pollution. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen thereby making the air cleaner and more breathable. The advantages of having trees and conserving forests are many. The roots of plants hold the topsoil together and prevent it from getting eroded. This prevents landslides in hilly areas and in plain areas, it prevents erosion of topsoil. Erosion of topsoil can be disastrous for farmers as it is this topsoil that nurtures crops. Therefore, large scale cutting of trees (deforestation) can actually result in crop failures, famines etc.

This makes it abundantly clear as to how important afforestation is for the environment. Of the few things which can save the planet, large scale afforestation is one. Movements led by women have historically prevented powerful people from cutting down trees. In recent times, the Chipko Movement is a shining example of how actions by united groups can prevent forces more powerful than them and save the environment. Apart from saving pre-existing forests, we need to create more forest areas. This needs large scale investment. Fundraising india can help with this.

The first thing that fundraising india can achieve is to bring together individuals who want to work in this area and connect them with people interested in investing in this. Belts of forests can be created out of barren land. It has been done in other parts of the world before most notably by Wangaari Mathai in Kenya. If we can get interested people to collaborate and plant trees in all barren areas and whichever place is empty, we can increase the forest cover of this country massively. Instead of depleting forest cover, we can actually have an increasing one. The same people running this operation would need to ensure that the plants after being planted do not die. They would need to be a plant parent and take care of them.

If you are one of those people who are interested in afforestation and planting trees large scale, please do consider using fundraising india as a funding option. You will not need to apply for grants or wait in long queues for government money. All you need to do is set up a fundraiser on a website like Impact Guru explaining your cause clearly. Once you have done this, our campaign manager is going to get in touch with you to discuss fundraising strategy.

This will be particularly helpful if you are a first time fundraiser. Now this fundraiser is going to go on social media and it is going to collect money from all the countries that we have reach in. You need not worry about money if you have good intentions. Crowdfunding platforms with experience in NGO crowdfunding, medical crowdfunding and creative crowdfunding will take care of it.