Tips To Move Your Social Traffic Into A Sales Funnel

No doubt, social media is and will always be considered as the best way to generate organic traffic. But it’s also a fact that every traffic your website receives isn’t important for you.

Reason? All those traffic aren’t your buyers or even interested in buying. Since every visitor isn’t interested in buying from you, they are considered as cold traffic. Also, there are visitors who are visiting your website for the very first time and don’t have any thought of purchasing.

People who are willing to buy from you or have already purchased from you, known as warm traffic or hot leads, are very less in numbers. Therefore, for the same reason you need to create a sales funnel to escort your social media marketing strategy.

A well-planned and a well-designed sales funnel can help you transfer cold leads into hot leads by first nurturing them and then getting them to trust you and eventually persuade them to buy from you.

But the question is how will you persuade your customer to buy from you? Here we have brought some easy and effective solution for you to get started.

  • Evaluate Your Current Social Media Conversion Rates For Your Funnel


Before you think of setting a target to achieve required conversion rate or you think of optimising your sales funnel, you must discover your current position or performance in the sales funnel. It’s very important to know how you’re doing at present. Because once you know your current performance you can know if you’re doing well or if there’s a big room for improvement.

This evaluation will make it easy for you to set the target that can be achieved easily. Also, you will get to know which social media channel is earning the highest conversion rates so that you can put more of your focus on that particular channel.

There are many website analytic tools that will help you scrutinize your funnel and understand your website traffic well. Some of them are-

  • Set An Achievable Overall Conversion Rate Target

Now is the correct time to set an achievable conversion rate target for your sales funnel. Because you are already aware of your current performance and know where you need to work and what you need to know. Also, you’re well aware of what social network is doing better and converting more.

So it’s the best time for you to set the target for your funnel. But ensure that the target isn’t too high to make it become extremely difficult to achieve. Because if you fail to achieve the target you’ll be disappointed which will put your morale and motivation down. Therefore, it’s advisable to aim for favourable targets and over deliver, so that you morale remains boosted.

Te set such kind of target, it is required to compare your current conversion rate to industry benchmarks.

  • Optimise Your Sales Funnel To Increase The Conversion Rate

So the next question is how will you optimise your sales funnel to increase your social media conversion. The answer is, make things easy for your visitors. Yes, I mean when they visit your website you ask them their email and other details to get into the funnel which is really a long and boring kind of task. So, you need to offer them something easier and interesting.

For example, to get their emails and other details you can directly ask your landing page visitors to sign up through their social media network. This is possible when you offer them a social signup option.

Now, all they are supposed to do is to click on the social signup option and all their details will be added to the form. This you saved their time as well as shorten the process and efforts to get them into the sales funnel. This method will surely help you to increase your social media conversion rate.

The other way involves adding share buttons after signups. Most people prefer to share content after they have received the access to it. Therefore, you must add share button in the content itself. Very few people share using the option on the landing page.

Last but not the least, add a share button to your thank-you page. There you can offer a bonus in exchange for the share, the way Bryan Harris did.

  • Be Active & Choose Correct Social Media Channel For Targeted Traffic

So, if you’re done with all the above steps, you need to create your presence on social media by keeping yourself active there. You need to begin improving your social media presence to drive traffics that convert.

You need to focus on correct social media network where you think you get more traffic and stop chasing those network that aren’t of your use. Focusing on few and correct network will help you create better content for your visitors and build stronger relationships with them. Also, you can save your time by not wasting it on networks that aren’t bringing results for you.

Keep your ears open to social media. Because it’s the place where people talks about you. You can know how they are feeling about you and your offerings, what image you have among them, your strengths and weaknesses everything can be known there. therefore , you should use social listening tool that will let you track both handle and keyword mentions on social media. Once the audience reach a certain level of interests during their conversations about you, you can direct them to your landing page form where they can enter your funnel.